Chapter 1: A Job in Music

Image of chapter 1"Working in music" is what we all want to do, but that could mean lots of different things to different people. This chapter tells you about the different areas of work that are all “working in and around music”, which include:


Most musicians and DJ's are self-employed (freelance) and make a living out of different types of work. Some people have non-music jobs, while others work in music related jobs, for example promotion, retail or education.

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Chapter 2: Skills, Experience and Training

Image of chapter 2This chapter is about the skills, experience and training you need, for the job you want.

SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE are things you have learned, like writing, numeracy, musical, computer and technology skills.

PERSONAL QUALITIES describe the type of person you are, for example, reliable, confident and enthusiastic.

EXPERIENCE is what you have done before which might come in handy in a job.

TRAINING involves you learning, usually in a formal way, on a course, at college or through Open Learning on New Deal for Musicians.

PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES and LIFESTYLE is about where you live, how far you are prepared to travel, how flexibly you can work, what family or other responsibilities you have and what lifestyles decisions you have to make for a career in music.

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Chapter 3: How to find Work and Work Placement

Image of chapter 3How do you get the work? You need to know about the best way to present yourself on paper, and in person, to get the work that you want. Lots of others are chasing the same work and you need to be good at playing the first impressions game.

Ask anyone how they got into the music business – they’ll say you need to know people and you need to try to get some work experience.

This chapter is designed to help you find a work placement and find work.

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