Chapter 1: Songwriting

Image of chapter 1Songwriting is the ability to use music and words to express yourself. It is both an art and a craft (‘inspiration and perspiration’) – a skill that lets you create something out of nothing.

Some people think you need a special gift to write songs, but raw talent can only get you so far. Just like playing an instrument or performing on stage you can improve your songwriting skills - and hence your chances of making a living from music - with practice and perseverance.

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Chapter 2: Creating Music

Image of chapter 2This chapter is about creating music in different 'genres'.

Genres are different styles of music, such as pop and rock music, urban music, world music or jazz, music to picture, like advertising, TV or film music…

Also included is 'Commercial Music', such as music to picture (for advertising, TV or films) and music for computer games, mobile phones and any other commercial uses.

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Chapter 3: Remixing

Image of chapter 3In the 1980s, remixing literally meant to mix again, originally, taking the master tape and re-do the mix process through the desk in a recording studio.

Nowadays, it is seen as a reinterpretation of an idea, a track or a song, using what is deemed to be the “hook” or key elements of the piece.

Remixing is a specialist job for people who combine an expert knowledge of music with creativity and technology – if that’s you, read on!

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Chapter 4: Arranging

Image of chapter 4When you arrange a piece of music you are creating new features for an existing idea.

You’re responding to an existing composition, you’re fleshing it out, you’re giving it new dimensions, making it bigger.

The line between writing and arranging is very vague – where does writing stop and arranging start? Essentially the writing elements are the melodies, chords and lyrics – anything after that is arrangement, but this is not a strict rule as there are many ways in which music evolves from basic idea to finished product.

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