workbook 6
Marketing, Promotion, Distribution & Retail

Chapter 5:Distribution

Image of chapter 5Part 1) What is it?
Tells you what the chapter is about

Part 2) Why do I need to know about this?
Tells you how this will help your music career

Part 3) Projects
A list of tasks or questions for you to complete, within a given time. These help you learn new skills, prove your understanding and create evidence for yourself and your tutors that you are progressing on the course.

Part 4) Notes and guidance
The information you need to carry out the project. This section can be quite large, but by following the headings in the contents sheet, you can find your way around.

Part 5) Want to know more?
This section has 2 areas:
a) Weblinks, Books and Magazines to help you through your tasks and to find out more about the subject.
b) More tasks to give those with more experience, or with a particular interest in the subject, the chance to explore further
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