Why can't I access any of the workbooks?

You need to complete the short registration process first by clicking here. Once you have done this, you will be able to access all the books.

How do I download the workbooks or individual elements of the workbooks?

The workbooks are available to download in a format called Adobe PDF. This format means you need a special program installed on your computer to read these documents. The program is called Acrobat Reader and is very popular (you most likely already have it installed on your PC/Mac). When you download the PDF document from this website you can then open and read the document using this Adobe Acrobat program. Afetr you have downloaded the document you wish to read, just double click it (the icon representing the downloaded document) and it will open using the Adobe Acrobat program automatically.
In some cases and on some browsers (the program you use to surf the Internet), the document will open in a new window within the browser (so it looks like another web page). When this happens you need to tell the browser to save the PDF to your computer. If this happens, go to the top left of that screen and click on this image.

Or, another method is when you have selected the PDF document you wish to download, right click on the mouse, then choose 'save target as' and choose a destination on your computer.

If you want to read more about Adobe Acrobat, go here.

Can you explain the page numbering on the workbooks?

Yes, as the workbooks were originally designed as a print medium (and are widely available from New Deal for Musician provision providers) the page numbers on the PDF documents reflect the actual print page numbers. This also helps when navigating the PDF documents from the bookmarks section or when looking at the actual page number on the bottm of each PDF page.

For example, in the Teaching Music Workbook, Chapter 3 part 4 there are 6 PDF pages within that individual document, however, the page numbers on thottom of the page and in the bookmarks section range from p83 to p92. This is because they are the actual page numbers within the printed books and represented on the bottom of each page.

Why does it take a long time to download the PDF documents?

We have endeavoured to break these documents into small easy to download chunks so everyone can access and download them. If you have a dial up (through your telephone line) connection then it is probably best if you download the individual elemenst of the chapters rather than trying to download complete chapter or workbooks.

Why can't I extract any of the text or images from the PDF documents?

Due to copyright restrictions no part of any of these documents may be copied or reproduced without the express permission of the Department for Work and Pensions.

Why am I having trouble printing on my printer?

One of the benefits of using PDF documents is the (Acrobat) Readers built in ability to customise printing options. If you are having trouble printing any of these documents, please see the help files in Adobe Acrobat Reader to customise your printer settings.
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