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The Music Industry and You

Workbook 1 contains 4 chapters
Chapter 1:
How to use the Open Learning Materials
Chapter 2:
How the Music Industry Operates
Chapter 3:
Setting your goals
Chapter 4:

Chapter 1: How to use the Open Learning Materials

Image of the cover of workbook 1 Chapter 1The Open Learning Materials are a set of nine workbooks, part of the new Deal for Musicians programme which help you move towards a career in the music industry.
Your MOLP tutor will work with you to set your goals, decide which workbooks and chapters to study, decide what other tasks you need to do and check your progress.
This chapter explains how to get the most out of the materials..

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Chapter 2: How the Music Industry Operates

Image of the cover of workbook 1 chapter 2This chapter explains how the music industry operates.

- The three main ‘revenue streams’ from music…Recording, Publishing and Live Performance.
- The businesses that operate within these areas of music, such as record labels, publishers, promoters and managers.
- The organisations that represent writers, performers, managers, producers, publishers and labels
- The ‘collection societies’ that collect royalties on behalf of writers, performers and producers.
Importantly, we will look at ways of FINDING information about the music industry, by using the INTERNET.
In music, everyone needs to have a good team around them. It is therefore crucial for you to become familiar with the ‘big picture’ of how the music industry operates, so that you can start to find out where you fit into it.

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Chapter 3:Setting your goals

Image of cover of workbook 1 chapter 3Setting goals, making action plans and keeping track of how you're doing, are important parts of the MOLP programme.

This chapter helps you to think carefully about what drives you, what you're good at and how to plan realistic goals which you can achieve within a reasonable time.
Setting realistic, achievable goals which you CAN reach in a reasonable time, will encourage, inspire and motivate you to carry on down your chosen path.

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Chapter 4: Networking

Image of the cover of workbook 1 chapter 4Networking is about meeting people who can help you in your career.
These people might be other musicians, managers, promoters, agents, producers, film makers.
Networking involves:
-  Understanding who you need to know and why
-  Finding out where can you get to meet these people
-  Effectively communicating with people
-  Using networks to help you find work

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