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What is the structure of the website?

There are nine workbooks and one guidance book. All the workbooks and the guidance book have been converted to PDF documents that can be directly downloaded, either in whole books, chapters, or sections of each chapter.
All the downloadable documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can view these documents with a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program is freely available for download from the Adobe website (click here).
What are the Open Learning Materials (OLM)?

The OLM are a series of 9 workbooks, developed by Armstrong Learning for Jobcentre Plus. The workbooks comprise learning materials, with projects to complete, useful information and links to help you make progress in the music industry. The workbooks cover all areas of the music industry.
Who uses them?

The workbooks are designed for use by unemployed musicians and DJ’s who are on the Open Learning Route of New Deal for Musicians (NDfM) across the UK.

What is New Deal?
New Deal for Musicians official logo
New Deal is the UK Government's Welfare to Work programme.

New Deal is jobs driven – it focuses on employment opportunities and routes into work. These open learning materials have been developed in recognition that the music industry is harder to access than many others, requiring specialist advice and information. They are part of a package of training, advice and guidance, targeted towards a career in the music industry.

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